How to redeem Video On Demand (VOD)


How to redeem Video On Demand (VOD)


1. How to redeem VOD using the voucher code?

Kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Get your 14-digit voucher code received via SMS
  2. Press the VOD button on your unifi TV media box remote control

Choose your preferred VOD under HyppFlicks Plus (Ch. 431) category on your TV

  1. Select “Redeem Voucher” option
  2. Key in your 14-digit voucher code and 6 digit purchase PIN
  3. Start watching and enjoy your movie!


Note: For 1st-time users, you are required to change the default “123456” Purchase PIN to your desired PIN. Just follow the simple steps prompted on your TV screen to change the purchase pin.


2. Can I perform the voucher code redemption on unifi playTV app?

Currently, the redemption can only be done through your unifi TV media box but the redeemed VOD movies can be enjoyed via both unifi TV media box and as well unifi playTV app.


3. Is there an expiry date to the redeemed VOD?

Don’t worry, the VOD will be available for 48 hours from the time you redeemed.


 4.I enjoyed my 1st redeemed VOD, how to redeem for my next VOD?

Every voucher code is entitled up to four (4) VOD movies redemptions. Just use the same voucher code and follow the same steps for your next redemption. The voucher code will no longer be valid after all 4 redemptions made or once it reaches its expiry date.


5. I did not redeem all 4 VODs and the code has expired, can I still redeem using the same code?

Customer will not be able to redeem the VOD movies using the expired voucher, as any balance will not be carried forward.


Fret not, just use the new voucher code that you will receive in the following month to start enjoying the movies! Any balance from the expired voucher will be forfeited.


6. Why are these certain VOD movie titles not redeemable using this voucher?

Some of the VODs are not redeemable using this special deal. Alternatively, you may buy the VOD movie using your purchase PIN whereby it will be charged accordingly to your monthly bill.


7. What is the denomination for each VOD redemption made using the voucher code?

 The denomination for each movie redemption using the voucher code is RM10.00 per VOD movie title.


8. What will happen if I redeem VOD that is not priced at RM10.00?

 If the price value of the VOD movie exceeds the denominated amount, the difference in the price value thereof shall be paid by the customer.


If the price value of the VOD movie is less than the denominated amount, the difference in price value thereof will not be refunded nor claimable by the customer.


9. Can the voucher code be converted into cash?

The voucher code cannot be exchanged for cash, rebate, waiver or any forms of legal tender and it is not refundable with vouchers of other denominations


10. Can I perform the voucher code redemption on other’s unifi TV account?

The voucher codes are uniquely tagged to your account, thus it is not redeemable on other unifi TV account.


11. I did not receive the voucher code via SMS, what should I do?

Please note that the VOD voucher code will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone number under your unifi account profile.


It is important to frequently update your mobile number. Should you still not receive the voucher code, kindly contact us to update your profile.


12. Who should I contact if I need any assistance or service inquiry?

Easy, you can contact via TM’s digital channels such as:

unifi self-help portal at

Community at

Facebook at

Twitter at @helpmeunifi

Live Chat via our care@unifi app or


Should you require a face-to-face interaction, you may visit any of the TMpoint outlets nationwide for further assistance.


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