How to set APN settings

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How to set APN settings


When you first receive the SIM card either by the friendly customer service from TMpoint or friendly courier guy via delivery, most of you would be excited to put the SIM card into your phone and start using unifi mobile, be it postpaid or bebasplan.




By default, you should be getting an SMS, of which it'll ask you if you wish to install APN setting into your device. APN setting is just like a gate waiting to be open for more adventure, so it's crucial to get this part done at first time.




There are instances where you won't be getting this message automatically. No fret.... here's another way how you can get it done yourself:-


The Name and APN Name setting should be "unifi". To check and change, please follow the steps below.


Option 1



  1. Settings > More > Mobile networks/Cellular networks > Access point names OR Settings > Mobile networks > Access Point Names
  2. Add a new APN as unifi
  3. Save. Reboot your phone if necessary.



  1. Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Network OR Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network.
  2. Tap the Access Point Name and change to unifi
  3. Save. Reboot your phone if necessary.


Option 2

In your SMS function, key in "Data" and send to "22288" shortcode to allow the internet settings to be pushed to your phone. This SMS will be zero-charged.



Option 3

Login to your selfcare website and then click on Subscription. Look out for Request for APN Settings. 



Option 4

If all of the above fails to work, do chat with Livechat team to have them send the APN settings to you.





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Hope everything goes well when installing/checking on APN setting!

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good info. thumbs up !