Switch over to unifi Mobile


Switch over to unifi Mobile

Hi guys!


Lately there are lot of questions regarding switch over to unifi Mobile. How does it works, how to solve this, how to solve that.


And im sure you guys really needs a sufficient info before switch over. Its a big decision i understand.

That is why today i will share with you a place that you can get all the switching over Q&A.


You guys can visit MNP- Switch to unifi Mobile




There are lot of good info on this. Believe me, if you could read all the info on this portal you will be golden, good to go!




There are also FAQs so you could answer all your questions without need to livechat or walk in to TMpoint. This is really good place for those who want to know more before switching to unifi Mobile.


So guys, please share this link -->https://unifi.com.my/switch-to-unifi


Good things needs to be shared.


See you!