Switch to unifi mobile (MNP / Port In)

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Switch to unifi mobile (MNP / Port In)

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a service that enables the user to switch/port between network providers/telcos using the same number.


If you’re switching to unifi mobile with your existing number, these are important you must take note.



You must be the “rightful owner” of this number

By using the term “rightful owner”, it means that the number must be registered under your name & IC (or passport)* with the current telco.


Maybe you’ve been using the number for years but if it’s registered under another person’s name (or company’s name)... You’re not the “owner”.


So what to do if you’re not the owner? Two options!

  • Check with your telco and see if could transfer ownership to your name. Once it’s under your name, switch to unifi mobile.
  • Or, just switch to unifi mobile using the rightful owner’s name and IC. Of course, you’ll need to get his/her consent 1st. Bear in mind that only the rightful owner can receive the unifi mobile SIM card (and device).


If you are 101% sure that it’s under your name, great! But, it’s always good to double-check with your telco to confirm your name & IC/passport number are updated correctly.



You must fulfil these criteria with your current telco

  • Check and confirm that you have no more contract with them. Well, if you have contract it’s up to you to terminate it, but, just consult them first.
  • You have no overdue bill with them.
  • Your number is active (by active, means you’re able to make calls).
  • If you’re on prepaid, make sure it’s still active, has at least RM0.01 balance and validity period is not expiring during the switching period. Utilize your credit as much as possible because prepaid credit cannot be transferred to unifi mobile.



Have Multiple / Supplementary numbers?

If you have or happen to be a supplementary line, you will need to switch all your numbers, altogether.

Different telco may have offered different services like the family plan, multiple SIM cards, member line, etc. So it’s better to check with your own telco what exactly you will need to do.


Once you got all of the above checked, cleared and done, you can start the steps below:-




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Re: Switch to unifi mobile (MNP / Port In)


How to switch?

1) Visit unifi mobile's website

2) Click on buy now

3) Select and click on your desired plan

4) At this page where you see 'Manage your Selections', click on Select Your Number. There will be a pop-up box, then click 'Switch to Unifi'

5) Just follow the instructions until you completed registration and payment.



Switching starts after you get the unifi mobile SIM card


You will get the unifi mobile SIM card once you placed the order. Delivery or pick up, getting the SIM card doesn’t mean you can use the SIM card immediately. You will have to keep it first while the switching starts to take place.


unifi mobile will submit your request to your telco. Your service provider will send you an SMS, asking for confirmation to port in to unifi mobile. You must reply to the SMS to confirm your request.


*If you are porting in multiple lines, you will need to reply the SMS from all your numbers.

After you’ve replied the SMS, your telco will process the request. If there’s no response from you, they will reject the request.


Is the switching done?

Once you can’t get any service from your old telco’s SIM card, you can start using the unifi mobile SIM card and enjoy unifi mobile experience!


In case your MNP is rejected, you will get an SMS from unifi mobile. Whatever the reason for rejection, you will have to contact your telco to solve the issue. Once it’s settled with your provider, contact unifi mobile to resubmit the MNP request, using an online form or livechat.