3 days Restoration not solved

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3 days Restoration not solved

Totally disappointed with TM service.. call 100 5 times already..2 report log in already..since 14 July 4.30pm until now 16 July 9.30pm not solve..no call update from technician assigned as well..worse service!! all my work from home totally lost..


Re: 3 days Restoration not solved

Hi, Kie_Kdh. The restoration depends on cause of the breakdown. Normally, technician will check on TM network first. If a visit to customer premise is required, the technician will call customer to set an appointment. You can consult directly with customer service, either through Live Chat, call to 100 or directly to their social media channels in order to know the exact status of your report. You can refer to the link> https://home.unifi.com.my/support/contact-us