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AZtechnology model DS244WSGV [LAN PORT QUESTION]

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AZtechnology model DS244WSGV [LAN PORT QUESTION]

Here is the story, my housemate unplug my ethernet cable because he said my ethernet cable causes the router kept on disconnect (which what i observe is only disconnect around 4pm-5pm). Izzit only lan port 3 which are did not mention any service type and no protocol at all can serve as ethernet port?

Based on the information get on the router admin page:

[Port]       >        [SERVICE TYPE]         >              [Protocl]

ETH_connection_1 > INTERNET > PPPoE

ETH_connection_2 > IPTV > Bridged

ETH_connection_ 4 > TR069 > DHCP

ETH_connection_ 5 > VOICE > DHCP


I can't find any information online regarding the service type in lan port. Can any expert on this field explain is it specified port are meant to specified function and port can only serve as ethernet port? Anyway, i cant even find the user manual online for this modem/router model. 

^ Picture of LAN PORT

^ Picture of the configuration page and model number etc

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Re: AZtechnology model DS244WSGV [LAN PORT QUESTION]

i not sure how is your cable connection , normally unifi come with : modem + router , both also got Lan Port 1~4 ,

the connection should be ,

LAN cable 1 side to modem LAN1 another side to router WAN port (not LAN1~4)

then what ever device LAN cable is connected to router LAN1~4