Additional poles required for Unifi

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Additional poles required for Unifi

I live in a kampung.


The road pole to my house is about 150 metres and probably requires several poles to be installed in between.


Can it be completed in a day? I had to take leave for the installation tomorrow, just wanna make sure the installers can plan ahead so the installation can be painless.




Re: Additional poles required for Unifi

Hi @philipkhor,


Pole installation should be completed in a day if there is no issue with land owner (e.g: owner of land is you, 3rd party (your neighbour) or local council). Permission is needed before installer can install the poles, so installation may become complicated if no permission received.


Do contact the installer team with the installation order information you've received to know more about the installation. Otherwise do contact 100/Livechat /FB /Twitter if no response from installer team.