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Asus router can't connect after modem upgrade

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Asus router can't connect after modem upgrade

Firstly, thank you to the technicians who replaced my faulty cable, current modem and informing me that my current Asus router had a faulty WAN port.


Unfortunately, after setting up my spare Asus router similar to the previous, I can't seem to get it connected now. The only things which have changed are:


  • Modem - from black to white (Huawei version)
  • Asus router - same model, same settings


I'm writing here to find out whether the community has experienced similar.


My Asus router model is the RT-AC68U.

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Re: Asus router can't connect after modem upgrade



this router is super awesome... i got 11 customer that very satisfied with this router, 4 years no issue... from my experience... i have never have issue with the new modem.


the cabble from modem- Lan 1

the cabble to router - Wan


you can check the ppoe password... is it correct.


if all you have done,  you need the tm technician to check the modem configuration, 



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Re: Asus router can't connect after modem upgrade

Thank you for the input, Ramli. I'm sad to report that 2 things happened today:


  1. Technician refused to return and troubleshoot my issue - claiming I do not have a report.
  2. Contacted live chat and Anwar was helpful to inform me for a fact that my report was still open. But I got disconnected from the live chat.
  3. Contacted live chat again and was communicating with Hizzi. I'm sad to say, I had my first bad experience on live chat. Because he kept on implying the fault lay on my side as he checked my connection using his tools. After asking me option A / B, telling me about the RM53 service charge and etc, he continued to say things like:
    - our team does not configure a customer's device (fine - come and show me that your router has no problems)
    - LAN cable is faulty (well, I switched it out and still same problem)
    - our side can't detect your router configuration (if my router can't make a connection to your modem, how can you determine this?

And all I wanted was for him to expedite my case, so that the technician will return and troubleshoot my issue, then if needed, fix it.


My connection has been down since 2018, December 23. With the technician visiting while I was outstation and only checking the FDP point. Then visiting yesterday:

  1. To replace my cable from FTB to FWS
  2. To inform me the black Unifi modem was faulty (replaced with white Huawei hg8240h model)
  3. To inform me the primary router was faulty (WAN port broke, so I used a secondary router - same model, same settings)

And until today (11 January), I still do not have my Unifi fixed. *facepalm*


Give me solutions, Unifi, not options why you're no help!

I'm really out of ideas on how else to troubleshoot my router. All suggestions are welcomed, since I'm forced to wait for the technician again.

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Re: Asus router can't connect after modem upgrade

i got a video to configure the huawei modem...


but you need the modem password, only unifi technician have the password... try to call him


dont ever... ever reset the modem... please dont... dont reset...

For unifi installer only this tutorial is for education purpose only Step 1: pastikan fiber tidak disambungkan lagi ke onu step 2 : Connect kabel lan ke Port 1 set : 3 set kan tcp ip anda subnet mask defaut gateway selepas itu buka browser " google chrome " ...
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Re: Asus router can't connect after modem upgrade

Hey Q, thanks for the speedy response.


I'll try asking the technician on Monday. Don't want to bother him during the weekends. I'll kacau the Live Chat instead to make sure they filed my report. In case I get sabo by the previous support person.


Meanwhile, may I know what's the ONT authentication for?

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Re: Asus router can't connect after modem upgrade

verry sorry for late reply...


got so many troubleshoot...


ONT authentication is for synchronize the system with tm server.