Faulty Router?

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Faulty Router?

I have recentlly replaced my router with a new on from TM, the DIR-830M. After setup it was working as expected, but after an hour it keeps rebooting(?) itself. Internet connection is strong and stable but cuts off completely when it reboots(?). No online solutions can be found, this router is not listed on D-Links website either. 


Context of issue: Router operates as usual, periodically cuts off internet connections (wifi isnt visible on any device), automatically restores Internet after a few minutes, happens every hour or so.


Solutions attempted: Replugging all Internet cables, on/off router and modem, swapping outlets for the router, making sure no schedule is set on the admin access page, 30 minute cooldown restart. 


If equipment replacement is required(again), then would i be charged RM53 for the OSS Team to come to my house? or will it be reimbursed as it was a problem stemming from the first visit?


Re: Faulty Router?

Hi @ren89 ,


If the router is faulty then you can ask them to waive the OSS RM53 this time.