Internet disruption for more than 24hours

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Internet disruption for more than 24hours

LOS with red blink on the router.

Called the hotline 100 after almost 24 hours of no update from the technical team. According to the hotline, the first technical report was closed by the technical team due to I was  “unreachable”. I was not contacted by the technical team at all. Service centre opened a new technical report to be followed up. 

Called the hotline 100, 2 hours after the first call and the second technical report was opened to enquire an update (no technical person was updated). No further update except I was reminded the technical team was on lunch/Friday prayer break so I have to be patient and just wait for their feedback.

No change on MyUnifi report status and no feedback/call from technical team until now. 

This has been a frustrating experience with Unifi does not deliver an appropriate support to mitigate the issue. I am working from home with accumulated tasks from raya break and had to reschedule important calls due to this problem. 

Please provide an immediate feedback on this issue. 

Technical report reference: 

Report 1: 1-51517457075
Report 2: 1-51539127365

Re: Internet disruption for more than 24hours

Hi @amirk87 

I do understand the difficulties that you are facing, as I am one of the unifi customer and need the service for daily work especially for working purpose. You might try to wait for technical team to rectify and solve this technical report, within 24 hours start form latest report created. If still no feedback after that restoration time (24 hours), may refer back with unifi support team to follow up the report. Hope your line will be back as normal.