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No Coverage-demand form submitted!

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No Coverage-demand form submitted!


Dear Unifi Team,


Good Day!


I am currently using streamyx and it is intolerably slow and unstable. I have plan to upgrade to Unifi for years but there is no coverage at my place. I have followed your instructions, go to TM Point, filled up demand form and waited for months.


Two Questions:


1.  How long do I need to wait for an update/response ? Ref no.: oc1-3-0000452634

2. Could you explain why my neighbour next road is under Unifi coverage but my road is not ? We are in the same Taman. Your coverage site shows the area is covered from Jalan 1 to Jalan 14. I am at Jalan 16, and when I checked, it shows no coverage. What is the logic here ? Shouldn't the Unifi coverage the whole neighbourhood. 






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Re: No Coverage-demand form submitted!

Hi @JanV ,

Anyway which area/location ya? I rasa delay because TM need to invest for infra readiness. And u ada follow up ke ur ticket number with respective unifi support team? I would suggest for u to call 100 & press 4, ask the team on progress of infra readiness.