No ports, no coverage, wait wait wait

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No ports, no coverage, wait wait wait

Made my first complaint in 2016 due to ports are full and unavailable for my house, no WiFi (unifi) for my family since then and we need to wait for their call if there's any updates(no calls received). Few more months later, walked in to TMpoint again and this time we manage to request something called the demand list for new ports and we will be informed soon as the progress everything give us a call(no call received)


Until 2017 , no calls were received from any of the staffs about the progress of our issues, so we walked in again and asked for details, we made another complaint suggested by the staffs and we will be in the waiting list again. But, this time we checked again our same exact address, but it is not found in their PC(which means can't even register to install unifi, but my neighbours have unifi since before we moved in).  As usual we need to wait for their call, but nothing happened. 


At 2018, we were still trying to figure out a way just to get the unifi, we walked in again and made another complaint /report. But the remarked on our complaint that "port full, tarik cable dari belakang, urgent.." Once the unifi technicians did visited our house to check for ports but they said its full and they suggested to pull the cable from the street behind, they offered quite amount of money for this idea but my family were unfamiliar with this so we rejected them in case of being scammed etc. We were happy to see that the staff finally requested something new for us after waiting so long, so we did wait more that 7 working days like they always said for them to call us, but we were very dissapointed because the ending were the same. 


Until last month(mid of July), we went again, we requested for demand list and redo everything again, and the staffs did everything exact the same too.. No coverage at our area, ports are full, we are in the waiting list, wait for their call for further updates.. After so many years unifi asked us to wait, is it really taking so long just to install a new port? I know I'm not the only one in the waiting list but my family and I were so inconvenient for the past few years due to no WiFi /unifi access especially for the siblings that need to study by their electronic devices, we were just hoping that there's just a solution for us after waiting so long, 



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Re: No ports, no coverage, wait wait wait

My afternoon paid already 

Why I wait to long time can't online   connect internet .