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Re: Relocation

Hi @Megaoptimus.


You can check unifi fibre coverage for your house address at this link:



Contributing Citizen ✪


I also want to relocate my Unifi to my new house. How long does it take for the relocation process take places and complete?


Re: Relocation

Hi,Megaoptimus. Fyi, you also can check the covergae via unifi website at


If you need further assistance, their customer support are always be there to assist you. You may contact them via




Re: Relocation

Hi,nizammedic. Basically the relocation process will take within 14 days. However, you need to contact unifi customer services first to request and to proceed with the relocation. 


They will check the coverage for you and will assist you to request for relocation. You may contact them via

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Re: Relocation

Hi @remstr 

I'd also like to relocate and was hoping you could tell me about available ports. This is my new address:
18, Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur, 50250

I have 2 more questions to ask:
1. My contract with TM ended a few years ago and I've been paying monthly subscrition fees ever since. Can I still relocate the existing account?
2.  Is there an online way (rather than going to a TMpoint) to request relocation and do away with the hassle altogether? Smiley Happy


Re: Relocation

Hi @HammerHand83

You may call unifi at 100 and provide the Latitude & Longitude coordinate for the exact address to check the fiber coverage.


Btw for the 1st question,

You still can request to relocate your existing unifi account even your contract already ended. You just need to make sure that your account is active and no pending payment during process. No charges for standart installation at the new house.



You may request via call @ 100, Livechat, PM (Facebook) or DM (Twitter). Refer to the unifi support channel link here