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Router Speed

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Router Speed


I am currently upgraded to 300Mbps, however, when testing the speed on :

- 2.4GHz : the max speed achieved is ~90Mbps;

- 5GHz : the max speed can achieved accordingly ~300Mbps.


Thus, the router SR1041Y, i received is not suitable for this package actually. Unifi should provide the routers with the capability of  at least 300Mbps on 2.4GHz band.


What can i do for this case? Your advise and help is very appreciated!

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Re: Router Speed

Theoretical speed and Real-world speed ,

something like : A place to B place is 100km distance ,  if a Car running at 100Km/hr ,

then theoretical need 1hrs from A to B , but in real-world , there is a speed jam and trafid light will effect ,maybe take 2hrs ? or more



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Re: Router Speed

hi@ojsec ,


with my previous 100mbps package + huawei router , i able to get almost max speed even though with 12 devices connected to it. No matter it is 2.4GHz or 5GHz. worst case is only ~95Mbps.


But with the newly upgraded 300Mbps package + new Wifi6 Mesh router, i get even worst speed  test result (~86Mbps, distance within 1meter from router). Smiley Surprised


Planning to purchase X20 and try to compare the difference. Hopefully will have good result to share soon.

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Re: Router Speed

Tested with M9 Plus and the result is same, thus, i search through the youtube and found this might be the solution and waiting for the LAN Cable to perform WIRED BACKHAUL.

Pendakwah Teknologi:  Perbezaan Antara WIRED & WIRELESS Mesh Backhaul 


However, i strongly believe that the mesh router SR1041Y also not working as intended, the reason is because it does not perform according to what is written in the specification for WiFI6 on 8022.11ax standard. According to FCC Radio Test Report Report No (page10)

  1. BTL-FCCP-1-2009C029A and
  2. BTL-FCCP-2-2009C029A .]Bit Rate of Transmitter


It shall easily achieved 300Mbps on speed test regardless on 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Given that the promising percentage of 50% tranmission, unless it is lesser.

Dalam episod ini saya akan tunjukkan kepada anda perbezaan antara Wireless Backhaul dengan Wired Backhaul untuk Mesh WiFi Network.Senarai Topik:00:00 Pengena...