Semenyih UNIFI Port Full

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Semenyih UNIFI Port Full

Hello, I just move in to Semenyih from Subang Jaya last Oct 2020. Before moving in, the landlord told me that there are unifi coverage here and as i scan thru my phone wifi it detects residents using Unifi and there is a unifi box just two poles away from my house. I agreed to move in, headed to TM Point Semenyih and they told me that the ports there are full.  They told me they will put my lot into the submission list for new or empty ports. I told them is there any temporary alternatives for now since I am WFH and my kid is doing his school classes online.

Apparently the only solution is to use Unifi Air, which is super terrible because I cant get online 70-80% of the time.


Its almost December & TM Point Semenyih still kept telling me there are no new ports and they do not know when are they adding new ports here. Its has been a painful 2 months for me, I can't get most of work done due to Unifi Air being terrible most of the time and my kid studies has been affected due to terrible connection.


TM, I wanna spend my hard earned money on your service (like i did in Subang) but you guys can't even provide me the necessary service for me.  I just wanna know when will there be a free port at my area because the other solution I have is to move house again.


Thank you.


P.S: I already lodge a report to MCMC a few weeks ago.

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Re: Semenyih UNIFI Port Full

Hi there @aiyish ,


Since you already logged with MCMC, now this is a MCMC case which i cannot interfere with them.

Lets wait for them to respond first.