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Temination on unifi

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Temination on unifi

What should I do?

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Re: Temination on unifi

easy bro, livechat or walk in to your nearest TMpoint.

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Re: Temination on unifi

I wish it was that easy! For almost a week, whenever I checked live chat there were 60-80 people in front of my in the queue.
I've tried to  submit a report/complaint many times, but every time it's throwing an error page at me on submission. The same happens when I try to confirm my termination request on the very last page of the flow!


How am I supposed to get rid of Unifi, when I cannot even submit the request?!

I have tried many different machines.



Re: Temination on unifi

Yeah sometimes lots of people are using livechat. like @wakandahforeva said, you can walk in to your nearest TMpoint, if you got time to spare of course.

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