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Hi everyone, im quite sure im im not the first one to start this topic but it is really frustraiting. You can see the email replies i got on top. To cut the story short let me summarize


1. I moved to a new place (USJ 2/5H) landed property

2. Want to apply unifi then was told port full by agents.

3. Then i call tm they say port full then put me on "waiting list" and they find alternative port.

4. Ask whats the timeline or whats the procedure, staff say dont know.


So i emailed the




hat i really want to know is what is the procedure of the "look for additional port?" Yes it may not be as easy as just looking around but could you care to inform us? Takkan we just blindly sit and wait right? Not that i want you to find ports for me right this second. But keep us informed on what are the alternative. 


And how do you allocate yr so call ports? USJ 2 from my observation is a very mature township and houses here are now new easily more than 5 to 10 years. And i dont think 1 household will have 2 unifi ports. So how do you allocate yr ports? 


1 last thing. When you ask yr customers to be on the "waiting list" means what? We wait till one fine day your director say ahhh let there be fibre is it? If you dont like the customers to keep complaining the same thing then keeep the updates comingggg. Like what are the plans?This  complaint case escalated to where?  What is the reason of the hold up of the alternative port? Rejected request or still pending? Is it because not enough user request? If thats the case then just inform your customer "We need X amount of people seeking for interest" then only we can justify. Okay fine at least its an honest reply that from customers end we can work on. Dont just keep us like dumbo waiting everyday praying to God that oneeeee day your director decide to put unifi at our place kan? This is the thing that makes customers mad. Its nt that all customers want you to find a solution for them RIGHT THIS SECOND. But dont keep us in the dark, let us know what is the reason. Give us feedback so we can work together. You guys are the "no 1 " fibre provider and Maxis also have to use yr line. So no point for me going and asking them to apply additional ports if you all dont have ports yourself. Please TM dah 2020 ni, subang usj xckp port lol joking ke bro


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Hi there @Domy7 ,


It looks like you have already reached MCMC. That's a good move.


Regarding the port, as i read the email they already put you on waiting list and you will be served once the port is available. When? Im not in the management level but im sure they will do their best.


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Re: Tm port full TM PLEASEEEE READ

I'm having the same situation as you. Ironically I'm just moving within the same block but different unit.
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Re: Tm port full TM PLEASEEEE READ

Any update for your case? 

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Same case here, i moved to a new residential area and have been reaching out to unifi every now and then due to the port being full. Has almost been 4 months now and still no news. I contacted them through call, email, live chat and even from their social medias. The answers are always the same and never helpful. I honestly want to know what is their initiative for this particular case but sadly no answers was given. How much longer should i be on the waiting list? Or should i ask my neighbour to move out so i can take their port (maybe this is Unifi's main idea)

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Hi. I'm having similar issue. Worst is i am their existing customer and still bound to a year contract. I moved to an apartment since july and understand there's no coverage at that time because the building is new. Wanted to terminate but they asked me to pay for penalty equal to my monthly bill times 12 months! Since then, i have logged 3 relocation request through their customer service hoping they put me under their demand list. The answer i get is PORT FULL. Here i am dissaponted existing customer. Now gonna fight for my refund of paying for nothing for 3 months. And in the middle of writing loooonggg email describing my frustation of their service. Hope you guys get a good solution.
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Re: Tm port full TM PLEASEEEE READ

adding additional port really need huge investment? 

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yall trust me, there are others out there who have been waiting for this star to be solved for 2 freaking years. Shows how incompetent they are. Dahla tengah PKPB. Everybody must work from home. Lepas tu TM desnt want to take initiative to be at sub par efficient in installing ports.


Dah la monopoly I cant even opt out for Maxis Fibre since need to use port installed by TM. Crazy right? We're begging to use their service sebab dorang ni MONOPOLY. what's the government doing bout it? NONE.

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Re: Tm port full TM PLEASEEEE READ

Same here, just moved into a house in SS2 PJ and there's 0 ports. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in this neighbourhood screaming "Give me Fibre!". Me and my family are having issue working from home due to this CMCO order,  It's hard to depend on 4G LTE for stable and decent speeds across the house, like do they want my money or what? It's even hard cause there is no other ISPs to jump to, so so freaking frustrating. It's 2020, how and what does it even mean to not have enough ports or not even add more, you're the biggest and the only player in the game as you supply other small players your infrastructure.

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Re: Tm port full TM PLEASEEEE READ

Totally feel you OP @Domy7 .Same standard reply! No issue solved!!Same standard reply! No issue solved!!


October 2019???October 2019???

You are not the first one. I wonder what are they smoking over there at TM Tower ?

Just keep saying we are 5G ready every now and then but can't solve this kind of issue ?

Also what exactly the purpose of this community is ? A space for us to rant/complaint and compliment (maybe?) ??

My previous post link above, same issue, no solution. Just WHY ?