Unifi 300mbps (enquiry)

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Unifi 300mbps (enquiry)

Dear Sifus,


Recently, I have upgraded my unifi speed from 100mbps to 300 mbps from RM129 > RM159 (without GST). Salesperson promised that there will be mesh wifi provided. 


However, today, when the technician came. He mentioned that there is no mesh wifi as the router itself acted as a mesg system. I dont quite get it. As router is still a router? Currently they have provided me the following wifi router.


Name: WiFi 6 AX1800 Wireless Router

Model: SR1041Y


When I was in the other room, speed still cap at only 150mbps. But I believe with mesh system, I will be able to get near 300mbps?


Re: Unifi 300mbps (enquiry)

I suggest you check with customer service first for your 300Mbps order status.
You need to know what is offered for the plan you are subscribing to.  Can click the link provided to contact the customer service officer https://home.unifi.com.my/support/contact-us


Re: Unifi 300mbps (enquiry)

Hi, @Darren_limm97 .
You may directly contact 100 or Live Chat for further checking on your plan subscribed and offered.