Unifi Rewards point not credited

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Unifi Rewards point not credited

hi TM,

I have made several payments in year 2021, but Unifi Rewards point were not credited. I have reported a complain on 20 Dec 2021. After that, i saw got point adjustment on 16 Feb 2021, but still got points missing. Please help.


List of payments made in year 2021: 

24 Jan 2021 = RM300,  28 Mar 2021 = RM 200, 25 Apr 2021 = RM500, 30 May 2021 = RM550,

27 Jun 2021 = RM600, 28 Nov 2021 = RM200


List of points got for year 2021:

02 Dec 2021 = 137 points,  16 Feb 2022 = 274 points (adjustment)


Total of payment made is RM2350, but total point i got is 411 points only. Please help to credit 1939 points back to my account.


Membership No. is 71267739.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Unifi Rewards point not credited

Hi @cbh for unifi reward you may contact their channel here> https://home.unifi.com.my/support/contact-us or may contact TM 100-Call 100




Re: Unifi Rewards point not credited

Hi  cbh. Suggest you to contact customer service to check status report you create 20 Dec 2021. 

Link contact them https://home.unifi.com.my/support/contact-us. But i suggest you contact via Live Chat

to chat with Live Agent