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Unifi agent

New-in-Town ✪

Unifi agent

Hereby I need to feedback one of the Unifi salesman agent : RSP-44DM solution

Agent code:A13402

Phone num:+601163044648 Fong .

This company'agent is so irresponsibility, and rude attitude to the customer.

I'm the existing users of streamyx. For my case,if anyone else need to upgrade to Unifi from streamyx make the registration directly contact with TM point near by you. The " Unifi salesmen " are very irresponsibility. 
for the existing streamyx users to Unifi is using the option of " Upgrade" that mean after install the Unifi streamyx account will be terminated. But most of the agent will be make the  new application for the existing streamyx users that will be cause we need to terminate streamyx by our self and pay the extra fees to transfer the existing phone number to Unifi account . 


Re: Unifi agent

Hi there @SUHENGGO ,


You are having a bad time when upgrading from streamyx to unifi? Is the upgrade process done?