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When UNIFI AVAILABLE in Lobak Seremban???

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When UNIFI AVAILABLE in Lobak Seremban???

Dear all,

May i know when will be the unifi service support at Lobak, Seremban area???

I have been waited for so long time and the streamyx service here is so suck!!! Everytime during raining season and thunderstorm, internet connection will gg, add up with distraction sound will be appearing in my telephone.

I really woner what's the logic that TM used to connect the fibre? How come all the area or TAMAN around my house got the service for so long time, but it never reach my area??

TAKKAN U sambung2 tiba2 stop kat tengah kan??

After like 8 years until now, none of the TM construction is here. Even the streamyx also support up to 1mbps only. What is this??? McD wifi lagi cepat tahu tak?? *pening+nangis*

Anyone has any idea or rumour about the fibre connection in Lobak area Seremban, please do let me know!!!

Specific Location: Taman Permata, Seremban 70200.

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Re: When UNIFI AVAILABLE in Lobak Seremban???

hi jkliew ,


As we speak, the technical team is looking into expansion and maybe looking into your area. Perhaps best to put your details by clicking on this link

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Re: When UNIFI AVAILABLE in Lobak Seremban???

My dear, what you meant by "maybe looking into your area" ??

i understand the expansion plan is following the consumer demand of that area. Perhaps my area is not fall under the prefer location. That's why I will point out my voice to someone. As what I observe at my TAMAN, mostly is elder age resident, if TM really based on that standard, after 10 years I will still using the god sake copper technology. It's extremely unfair, when the truth is all the surrounding TAMAN /area got the UNIFI service, while you fall in the middle, receiving nothing. It's so sad and no one understand my feeling because i need it for my task.