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Wi-Fi seems to be slower than usual.

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Wi-Fi seems to be slower than usual.

I usually watch videos by casting from by mobile phone to the TV.. 


However now most of the videos I cast buffer a lot and it takes time to play the videos without any interruptions.. This has been going on for the past 2 days.. I need some assistance on this please.. 


The things I've done:-

1. Restarted my mobile, TV and the modem & router.. 


2. Checked if the cables are intact and everything is good..


3. Cleared caches, cookies and history on my mobile as well as the TV.. 


4. Adjusted the position of my router..


5. Played the same videos on my mobile without casting and those videos still buffer a lot.. I never had this issue in the past..


Please assist me as soon as possible as this is annoying.. 




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Re: Wi-Fi seems to be slower than usual.

hi vinod,


Looks like youve done basic troubleshooting.

you need livechat as soon as youre free, so they can open a case for you.


Maybe you can keep us updated here.