how long need wait to get PORT

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how long need wait to get PORT

requesting connection but given excuse that no port.

How many time need complaint.. 10 port wait complete order focus those are needed. Really frustrating.


my lorong 15 house (7 family occupied, others not yet in) . as I know 4 family's requested Unifi. do you want me wait total family occupies in house and requested only deliver? those are requested not important? this is called TM Unifi don't care new customer. i

Issue is, we depend on you that y.


almost i move new devlelopment area 6 years ady, until now not yet get 1 port also

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Re: how long need wait to get PORT

Hi, kali2rk .


Have you registered or referred at any TMPoint? Unifi service is subject to infrastructure availability in the area. Usually if there are no infrastructure yet, then TMpoint will put you in their waiting list or demand list. TM will contact back customer if infrastructure is available in the area.


Did you get any reference number after submitting your application or request?


You can consult directly to the unifi support team ( to check the status.