internet keep crashing

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internet keep crashing

my Internet line is keeping disconnecting for daily 10 minutes then back to normal, and this situation is happening every single time.


And the customer service sucks, I'm called from 9:00 am no one answer then I called 0930 to customer service still busy ok then, I called in 10 am and still busy! I wait for the customer service line to call back but no! No one is helping and the customer service is useless and makes the customer more angry.


Yesterday I did the call to technician also, the technician did come to check outside cable he said everything fine, then what is the problem?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why it still existing? PLEASE GIVE ME A EXPLANATION UNIFI ! 
And this problem is happening from the last two years until now still happening even I called the technician to come but still the same, NO ONE IS DOING THEIR JOB!
I'm journalism i need that Internet to work please help!

And also, to customer service please work and call back to me. 


Re: internet keep crashing

Hi there @62421688 ,


You can reached to them via livechat.


Log a report, and asked them to try reset the connection from their side.