unable to connect to server

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unable to connect to server

hi there, I am having problem with my home unifi to access certain websites such as duboku.co , bestdrama.net . It shows that the internet is unable to connect to the server. I had tried to use my mobile data to access and it is working. So I think there is a problem with my home unifi. Can you help me to fix with this problem? my unifi account is 1047109887


Re: unable to connect to server

Hi there @xinthung ,


There are nothing wrong with your account. My guess is that site has been blacklisted by MCMC, maybe for infringement/copyright issues.


So what you can do right now is to try using VPN to access that site. You can also try using other DNS such as Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS, but i dont think it will work.


VPN is your best choice i think.