wifi **bleep** slow

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wifi **bleep** slow

hi wifi@unifi

i pay for package is 30mbps rm89 a month, when install they just can run up to 10mbps some times no coverage at all?

i dont understand why my house coverage so **bleep** slow and that is the only package that TM UNIFI suggest to me because of my area coverage very weak and what i paid didnt get what i want hope TM unifi can improve the coverage area please.wifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifiwifi@unifi


Re: wifi **bleep** slow

Hi there @feenaz ,


First thing first, please use a proper wording here in community. This is your first warning.


Second, let get this straight before jumping to any conclusion. Your package is unifi 30Mbps unlimited, is that right? Not unifi lite or unifi Air?