502158- Unifi no internet

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502158- Unifi no internet

Hi, I have two unifi mobile number. One in yes altitude 3 and another one in Redmi 5plus.


In my redmi here i can use my high speed internet connection to browse, play simple game etc. But on my yes smartphone after switch on mobile data, it shows 502158-Unifi on signal bar and 4g on the arrows besides the bar.


However, I cannot use my high speed internet on that phone. I cannot browse anything, nor use any app which requires the net except sending WhatsApp message.


Anyone knows why my other phone cannot use the net? Thanks


Re: 502158- Unifi no internet

Hi, @Admin_No1 .


Have you try to swap the SIM from your other smartphone? If the problem still persists, I suggest you to contact support via livechat for further assistance. You may refer here, https://home.unifi.com.my/support/contact-us.


Re: 502158- Unifi no internet

Hi,  Admin_No1.


If the issue still persists, I suggest you try the steps below:-

1) Restart the phone, remove and re -insert the SIM card
2) Reset APN to unifi. You can follow the method here https://community.unifi.com.my/t5/unifi-Tips-Guides/How-to-set-APN-settings/td-p/15495)
3) Clear "browsing history" and "cache" in your smartphone
4) Try inserting a SIM card into another phone that supports 4G/LTE Band 5.
5) To check coverage, you can check on the website https://unifi.com.my/mobile/postpaid/coverage


Or, contact LiveChat, call to 100 or directly to their social media channels for them to check further > https://home.unifi.com.my/support/contact-us