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Can't tether device, no coverage

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Can't tether device, no coverage

I've got a complaint. Several complaints. 



I can't tether if I'm not in a 4g spot. I'm in Kuala Lumpur and I can't even tether my laptop and use my free 10gigs, it keeps prompting me to get a pass which I can't get if I'm not in a 4g area. Taman Tun is not a 4g area? You've got to be kidding me.  Webe has been nothing but a pain since I got the free SIM card. Promises promises. 


Coverage is star too. Line keeps dropping, I can't use Spotify properly. 


And for god's sake get a hotline! Hire some part timers or househusbands or whatever. I can't wait three days for a reply every time I have an issue. I know it's not cool or hip to have a hotline but it sure beats having to wait for a reply that may or may not help. 


Also your website is pretty useless. Click on anything you get a 404 error and webe is trying to sell you more star or you spend ages looking through the forums for an answer that one phone call could easily fix. I don't want more star, I don't care if 98 ppl are looking at this package right now, I don't care about getting badges for being the best complainer, I just want to be able to use what I already paid for. Stop annoying me when I'm already <Removed> 


Get your star together or you will lose customers. I miss Umobile's starty reception already. At least no one is trying to get me to buy star when I'm mad. 

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Re: Can't tether device, no coverage

bro have u raise this to customer service instead? if u notice this is pretty much like a a webe user for almost 1 year i can share some info with u tho..

1. yes u can only tether when u are connected to 4g network

2. u have to raise it to cs

3. i think they only support by livechat "fully digital"' they said

4. hahaha can't help u, contact their cs is the best way man

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