Complaint about bills

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Complaint about bills

i was informed that i was chosen to get promotion in WEBE by one of the WEBE promoter through phone calls. Then, she told that i dont have to pay for anything if i join the promotion. I will just have to pay RM30+ for the first number, RM50+ for the second number, RM70+ for the third number.  So, i joined the promotion on 8th May, SO in my countings, i just have to pay about RM90+ (approximate) on 8th June and another RM90+ on 8th July. Last week (1/7/2017), i was informed to pay the bills and it stated that i have to pay RM435.40, and i paid RM440 on 3rd July 2017 at TM Point Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. 


Then, I received an email on 7th July 2017, stated that i was suspended for RM278.35 overdue bills. As i recall that i already paid RM440 as the bill stated on 3rd July, SO why do i have an overdue bills?


So, the question is:

Why do i have to pay RM435.40 instead RM180+-?

Why did my number is suspended 4 days after i paid the bills?


Can i get my conversation that has been recorded with the promoter? In case to clarify weather i misunderstood the conversation or the system.

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Re: Complaint about bills


It's better to contact live chat or call Webe for more details regarding your issue.