Deposit Refund

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Deposit Refund

Hi Unifi,


From the last email I received, I have a total amount of -RM54 which I believe is the deposit that I had paid when I first joined the Unifi mobile. Currently, I have terminated my service with Unifi and would like to request the deposit to be returned back to me. I could not get in touch with the Unifi Support anymore after I log in since it says that I'm not subscribed to any package. Thus I am enquiring about this issue here.


Kindly help to return my deposit to the bank account below.


Unifi Account No. : 202029777




Thank you

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Re: Deposit Refund

Hi there @amirulaiman93 ,


Usually the refund process will be done in 90 days timeframe.

And since you cannot livechat, can you fill up support form? Click on the support.