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Different postpaid and prepaid

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Different postpaid and prepaid

Im using webe/unifi since august 2017.. then my friend using this unifi prepaid basicly same package unlimited data what soo ever.. why does he have to pay atleast RM10.00 each month and Ive to pay RM79.00 each month? Plus his connection much faster than mine(cant even reach 300kbps, his dowbload rate is almost 3mbps) what is my privilage here as postpaid user?

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Re: Different postpaid and prepaid

As far as I know, prepaid or more known as bebasplan do not have unlimited plan as it comes with some quotas. For the postpaid plan, the benefit of this is you get unlimited call, SMS, data.

As for the slow connection that you experience, could you try this troubleshooting?