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Facetime and Imessage activation

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Facetime and Imessage activation

Is it currently unifi mobile unable to active with facetime and iMessage due to I received message as below:- 


"Unifi currently in the process of collaborating with Apple for iMessage and facetime registration" 


is it true? Because right now I unable to active my facetime and iMessage. If able to activation somebody can teach me how to do with unifi mobile? 


Thank you very much.   

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Re: Facetime and Imessage activation

Do u use phone number or email address? Because from what i know unifi mobile does not allow using phone number so you need to use email address. And 50cent will be charge upon sms received for the activation.

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Re: Facetime and Imessage activation

Thank you for your information. I have received info from Unifi mobile team:-  


We regret to inform that currently, we did not support iMessage for unifi mobile network registered by phone number.
The only way you can activate iMessage & FaceTime was registered by email address. This issue as the features is still unsupported at the moment for unifi mobile due to no official collaboration with Apple yet.
Which mean that those people only can use the email address instead of unifi mobile number. 
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Re: Facetime and Imessage activation

Hi, What I experienced was that for my ported mobile numbers from Celcom to Unifi mobile, iMessage cannot be activated by number, only by email address. No problems with iMessage activation for original Unifi mobile numbers


Re: Facetime and Imessage activation

Hi there @bennylee @mnoordinm @wakandahforeva ,


Allow me to update you guys on the steps.


Insert your unifi Mobile 99 SIM and configure your iPhone settings:
1. Go to “Settings”.
2. Select “Message” or “Facetime”.
3. Enable “iMessage” or “Facetime” toggle function
4. Click “OK" on the message prompt.


It is highly recommended that you activate the iMessage and Facetime services by using your Apple ID.

New-in-Town ✪

Re: Facetime and Imessage activation

it doesn't work. i did all the steps and it still shows activation unsuccessful 

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Re: Facetime and Imessage activation

This step doesn't work. Tried so many times