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Huawe m3 promotion query.

New-in-Town ✪

Huawe m3 promotion query.

I saw the huawei m3 promotion stated that , there is a 12 months free broadband for them purchaser, but when I online purchase the device, it's should that I need to pay monthly fees of rm 59 permonth, may i know it so?

Upholding Citizen ✪

Re: Huawe m3 promotion query.

Hello Niam,


As my understanding the plan will include the device and 12 months free internet from webe. You have to pay RM50 (exc GST) for the upfront payment. Upfront payment will be offset on your first bill. This is only applicable for the first time buyer (if you have account before, you are not applicable for this promo)


Based on the FAQ, your first bill will include:


1. Prorate amount from the day you purchase the device till the end of the month (eg: 17/5 - 31/5)

2. Monthly subscription (in advance, eg: 1/6 - 30/6)

3. Discount for monthly Subscription (in advance, eg: 1/6 - 30/6)


Basically, on the first month, they will use your upfront payment to deduct your first bill which only the prorate amount from 17/5 - 31/5. Which means RM53 - prorate amount from 17/5 - 31/5. Starting from June, you will get free subscription for 12 months. The system shows RM59 coz the system has not include the promo yet. You will see it in your bill. Hope I make this clear.