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Huawei MT7-TL10

Contributing Citizen ✪

Huawei MT7-TL10

This particular variant of Huawei Mate 7 seems to have difficulty in connecting to webe 4G LTE network even though Huawei Mate 7 is listed as a webe certified phone


Anyone here using the same phone facing the same problem too?

Contributing Citizen ✪✪✪

Re: Huawei MT7-TL10

Hi yileong,

i have the same problem with my Huawei P9 Plus, especially after I swapped to my 2nd sim to take on the 4G data services. After that, I swapped back to my 1st sim which is the webe sim. It interminttently can't latch on to the webe 4G network at all. So I had to manually select the webe 4G network to latch on. 

I then turn on the automatically select network mode, then it works fine.