Internet so bad

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Internet so bad

No unifi sy 01110947792 sangat lambat.. Nak buka fb pon loading 1jam

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Re: Internet so bad

dah cuba troubleshoot? kalau belum boleh cuba ikut steps ni


1.Restart your mobile phone.

2.Check to ensure you are connected to unifi network.

3.Ensure the Signal Level is good.

4.Wait for 10 minutes and try again.

5.Clear application cache and stop all background apps.

6.Close and re-launch the application.

7.Make sure mobile phone internal space is not full.

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Re: Internet so bad

useless advise. might as well don't give. 


stop blaming custoemrs and fix your service.

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Re: Internet so bad

I just submit a complaint to MCMC, about Unifi poor 4G service and the fact that I have to pay the whole 12months subscription fee if I wish to terminate the service eventho I just port in late April 2020.

Go to htpps://  and submit your complaint there. Hopefully after many consumers submit complaint about the poor Unifi 4G service, we are allowed to port out without such penalty. To Unifi, if you deliver, there will be no such numerous complaint from the customers. Check this community page and count how many angry customers here. You'll get the picture how incompetent your services are.

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