LTE and 3G didn't switch smoothly

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LTE and 3G didn't switch smoothly



I'm webe user, and I really like to using this line, which is the are unlimited datas, calls and sms(s). 

I'm using iPhone 5s, and its very nice.


But, i've facing a problem. Which is, 

1. If I turn on networks data to LTE, but the line are "3G", I'm facing dificulties to catch the line. Its will be very slow even though its 3G lines.


2. vice versa.


My point is, why I'm having this dificulties? anyone get the same problem?


Ok, the other else, I want to suggest to unifi to upgrade LTE network to another area. Lets say, i stay at town. the line were awesome. but every weekend i'll back to hometown. the line was 3G but superslow. Can unifi upgrade it?



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Re: LTE and 3G didn't switch smoothly

Well, just like other telco they start from the bottom and RISE!!! to the top Smiley Happy

You might want to check with their careline at . They might have the solution Smiley Happy Awesome careline with 24 hours service so far (LiveChat)