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UNIFI – My The Biggest Blunder

I switched over to Unifi Plan during PKP 2 period, tempted with their fancy offer giving RM99/month plan at RM59/month with 12 months contract. After port in successfully, I regretted the decision right away. Formerly with Umobile, I will get 3-4 bars 4G line consistently around my home or working area or almost anywhere in Pasir Gudang or JB area. But Unifi only registers 1-2 bars of 4G and not consistent.


To get connected to my laptop (using hotspot) just like finding a gold nugget in the river stream. To surf Facebook or any other website is a tough challenge. You have to balance between patience and anger. The page tried to load the web content and you see the spiral on the screen going like forever…round and round until you become sleepy. It is like Unifi is hypnotizing you using the spiral eyes and suddenly you realized you are trapped and could not get away with the spell.


Day 1 I tried the “Live Chat” and requested to terminate my subscription with Unifi, but I need to pay the whole 12 months fee if I wanted to get out. I have not even touched 0.1GB of my data, but yet I need to pay the whole cake’s price. Such an antic way for Unifi to take consumers’ money. I wonder can we consumers have any right to complaint this matter to any Authority like SKMM or Kementerian Telekomukasi dan Multimedia, or even to Donald Trump (if I have to) to get things better. I am paying for a quality wireless service not a low class one.


Talking about Live Chat, it is a productive way to get connected to their Chatter. I need to finish a cup of tea, 2 slices of cake, a bowl of mee curry and a good flush of my stomach content, only then somebody responded to my chat, but I already not in the mood to chat anymore, or I have forgotten my case. It is old age syndrome. Sorry is was my bad.


I was a user of Celcom, Maxis, Digi, Umobile and a free Yes4G student line before. I have never (or very few occasions) being disconnected to the data line while surfing the web page. But with Unifi it is a love affair. Unifi line loves to connect, disconnect and then re-connect with customer. I don’t know what kind of relationship is that. It is year 2020 now, not 1920 where 4G technology was not invented yet, but seemed like Unifi is still using the classic landline. And yet they have the guts to launch the 5G service in near future. You better settle your 4G line problem first.


On other Live Chat session, I was told that the reason that I could not get hotspot connection because my 4G line is not stable. Is it my fault that your line is not stable? How to make it stable? Where is the area the 4G line is stable? When is the best time to get 4G connection? Can you point out the exact point in my living or working area, and the exact time where the 4G line is stable and I can connect happily with my lovely 4G data line? If that is the case you should include such information in your advertisement. Such a weird way to reason with your incompetence.


Read back what you advertised,





So many fancy word to lure consumers to sign up to your service and I was tempted. How could I will be able to enjoy the 999GB if my 10GB quota is un-reachable? Is there anyway that Unifi refund the customers the un-used data? Is it not that I don’t want to use it, but I was are not able to get connected steadily to the data, then how to use. You have to stop this marketing hoax. You are offering something that you cannot deliver. Very sad to say Unifi, under TM umbrella such a big company giving such a low quality data coverage. It is a daylight cheating.


I read some of the complaints of bad connection, were way back in 2018. Wow! it is 2020 and yet the problem still persists. Inside the Community page, there are hundreds (or thousands) of unsatisfied customers expressing their dissatisfaction to Unifi. I wonder did any of the decision maker in Unifi ever read the community page in their website, or the community page is just for the community eyes only and all the big shot just cannot be bothered.


I am tired of hoping Unifi to improve their coverage.. If I have to choose between stay at home with this Unifi line and breaking PKP rules, I would choose the latter. I will more satisfy to pay the RM1000 penalty rather than getting stuck at home with such slow and intermittent data connection.


I named it “ My PKP Blunder”, switching from a “horsey line” to a “tortoise line”. The best part of it now I am writing this page with my wife’s Yes4G connection, inside a Unifi community page, where my own line cannot get the connection. How sad and mad!!



Hi there @Rakhisham ,


Good writing and analogies, i give you that. May i know, did you proceed with termination yet?

If no then maybe you can check your inbox, i have sent you a private message.

New-in-Town ✪


My condolances for your endevour with UNIFI

New-in-Town ✪


My Land Line was not ringing for more than 2 years even after numerous complain to TM(UNIFI). Manage to convince my mum to cancel the line. 

Being CMCO I tried to terminate it at the portal, but the terminate button was grey out (so can or cannot terminate????)

after on live chat  was adviced to submit my termination via email. (their email reply says termination will takes 28 to 30 days) so patienly Iwaited.

But after more than 30 days my patien finally left. So I angrily went on livechat and with my fury manage to get their team leader to voice call me. 


Miraculously after tasting my fury, they manage to do what they can't in 30 days within an hour!!!!!


MUST PRAISE UNIFI for their EFFICIENCY as Malaysia No 1 TELCO!!!!!


so my condolances to your new endevour with them.