Most Common Issues Face by Unifi Mobile Users

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Most Common Issues Face by Unifi Mobile Users

Hello Everyone, Great Day


I would like to highlights few most common issues face by Unifi Mobile users, I know most of you frustrated on those issues.


Most Common Issues;


1. Can't use hotspot on 3G network 


2. Even in 4G network still can't use hotspot, due to signal drop or frequently change of network 


3. No 4G coverage even other telco have 4G coverage 


4. Outside of house have 4G, Inside of house don't have 4G


5. Signal frequently drops in area or traveling 


6. Can't receive calls or sms


7. During call, suddenly calls end without reasons 


8. Signal stuck at 1 bar 


9. Slow data in your area 


10. Poor speed test results 


Sad to say even I face most of the issues above. 


Hope TM@UnifiMobile can resolve it ASAP


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Re: Most Common Issues Face by Unifi Mobile Users

OMG! Too many issues that u had facing @Sirajvind_22. Maybe you boleh refer juga this article from @remstr  very2 helpful.  But I still wish for all your issues will be attended soonest possible by unifi/TM Expert Team. Cool!