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Old Bill Payment (P1)

New-in-Town ✪

Old Bill Payment (P1)

Hi Admin,


i want to settle my old bill. 


i requested a termination long time ago until recently i received a bill and the amount is very shockingly high. 

i dont want to prolong this case, i appreciate if your side can check my account and i want to settle the payment.


I can be reached at <removed for privacy>



Retired Sheriff

Re: Old Bill Payment (P1)

hi! This is the public forum. For account related, please chat with Livechat team.



Upholding Citizen ✪✪✪

Re: Old Bill Payment (P1)

Hmm.. Sorry to know that.. but I don't think this site can assist you on your P1 account issue. However you might want to check:
1. Their LiveChat (Bottom right)
2. Their online support form
3. Careline - I was told just like webe/unifi they went digitalize... so no more careline (edit: Contact centre to call)

Well hope your issue will be solved. Good Luck Smiley Happy