Pakej Remaja slow speed


Re: Pakej Remaja slow speed

Hi Ch11, to follow up this unifi mobile service you can contact them at line 100, press number 5 for the unifi mobile service. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live chat, Twetter and Facebook. If you are not sure which channel to contact them you can click here. >

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Re: Pakej Remaja slow speed

Same! now already 26 May 2022, I newly brought the pakej remaja on 23 May 2022, this problem still not solve! turtle speed internet even tho quota still have 19++gb << I also wonder how my data will used out since i cant even browse anything...


Re: Pakej Remaja slow speed

Hi @JNesis1989 . Regarding your issue, may be you can try to do a basic troubleshooting first. The steps are as per below:


1) Turn off your mobile phone for 30 seconds before turning it on again
2) Reinsert SIM card and ensure it is in slot 1 (if dual SIM phone)
3) Ensure network in the phone setting is 4G/LTE
4) Ensure APN setting is "unifi" 

- can refer to this link >

5) Clear cache and browsing history
6) Insert SIM card in other certified phones (band 5 - 850MHz).

- can check on your telephone compatibility at this link >


If still not help, you can direct refer to the unifi mobile team via livechat (, they will help you there.  Smiley Happy