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Please help this 77 age old new Unifi Mobile subscriber

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Please help this 77 age old new Unifi Mobile subscriber

I'm very unsatisfied with the rude attitude and also the inconsistent answers given by LiveChat agent that resulting my 2 active plans hanging in the middle with no solution for me at all.

Yet I'm a retired senior citizen age 77, who wanted to activate 2 Postpaid lines (1 MNP port-in & 1 new number registration with Rm100 upfront collected), under the Unifi Mobile 99 promo 59 (Family Edition) Plan.

Before I start the activation request, I contacted LiveChat to confirm the correct process of registering Family Edition. She told that since now is EMCO period, I can perform both lines activation via Unifi online portal by selecting the plan 99 with Promo plan. And once both my lines are activated, I can just contact LiveChat again to provide the existing Home Fibre bill statement who is under my son-in-law's name to get the Rm59 Family Edition. And should I received my first Unifi Mobile bill and was charged rm79, I can just contact LiveChat again to request for Rm59 adjustment to be done with prorate chargers based on Rm59 instead too.

After this process confirmation, I submitted my MNP request to port-in and follow by new number registeration the next day too. Within 1 day I received my new Unifi mnp simcard and 2 days later my porting in was active too. But when I checked via MyUnifi apps, I noticed my mnp number is activated with plan name 99 with promo 79 instead. Immediately I contacted LiveChat to confirm my monthly commitment should be Family Edition 59 instead of 79. LiveChat confirm me that in her system, she saw & assure me that my plan 59 instead of 79 and again adviced me contact LiveChat again for bill adjustment, should I recieved the first bill with wrong commitments. After 7 days I finally received my activated new number registration simcard.

Indeed the first statement I recieved is with wrong commitment plan of 79 instead of 59. So I contact livechat to send over my home fibre bill to get the Family edition and also bill adjustment. But this time, a rude male livechat agent picked up my chat and gave me all different info instead. He says I'm not entitled for Family edition as my lines are not activated by walking-in TM Point instead. The agent didn't offer me any alternatives solution at all. Instead I keep proposing different solutions to him to get 59 plan but all rejected by him. I requested to change my both number into 12 contracts plan, he said not able unless I wait 45days later or I port out from unifi now, then port in back again later to activate with for 12months contract instead.

I propose that I can walk in now to show my orginal home fibre statement to 59 plan, he rejected me. I proposed to change plan to 59 for senior citizens plan, he rejected me rudely also. (Pls refer to attached screen shots as the prove of what I'm saying) I'm a retired senior citizen of age 77, who just hoping to get a low mobile commitment plan to use, as I'm already retired with no new income and hoping to save more for my older days. But end up with given rude treatment by the agent who never offer me alternatives solutions when the initial wrong process was given by LiveChat agent from the beginning, and I even contacted twice to confirm on the activation process before the line is activated but still I'm ending and resulting me in this messy situation with high commitment fees too. Hence, I'm sincerely requesting Unifi Mobile to please change my both numbers plans to monthly 59 (I don't mind with 12 months contract too or better will be Family edition, as long as it's commitment of Rm59) for my own and my wife usage only. Please Unifi Mobile, please help and look into this old man's (who will be a loyal subscriber of Unifi Mobile too) little request, with totally nothing to loose for Unifi Mobile in any business angles at all. Please pity and help me. Thank you very much. Should you require more details to my mobile number, you may reply me here with a private message method for to provide the detailed info. Thank you very very much. 


Re: Please help this 77 age old new Unifi Mobile subscriber

Hi there @G77UnifiMobile ,


No worries, i am sure this is a just a hiccup. Yes i will need your info, such as phone number and your personal details too.


Please PM me soonest as you can ya.

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Re: Please help this 77 age old new Unifi Mobile subscriber

Hi @remstr,


Thanks for the prompt reply. Just PM you with my account details, moments ago. Would really appreciate that you can help resolve my issue ASAP.

Thanks a million in advance. 

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