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Redone/Celcom to Unifi

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Redone/Celcom to Unifi

I tried to switching the telco provider from RedOne to Unifi. Today(4/8/2019) Day 4 since received the unifi simcard and unifi and redone still no solution with my problem...



Yes, i did receive the sms called port-out/in “MNP Yes or No to 23388” it has to be reply within 3 hours to comfirm with RedOne so i can switch over. But when i reply the sms the status shown “sending...” so I guess it pending. And when i called RedOne, they said i have to sms “ON 23388 to 1000” so i did and resubmit again from unifi cust. Service. It was so annoying and until lost in ocean..... Any suggestions for me to go to the moon? 

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Re: Redone/Celcom to Unifi

best is to check with unifi customer service via livechat and get them to resubmit request since you are porting in into unifi mobile...