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Hi, i have previously done cancellation for the webe broadband newly purchased not even used 2 days, unfortunately it can’t be used also. I bought the simcard at cheras selatan which cost me monthly rm106 for 60GB quota. Before i do the purchase i have brought my huawei moderm model E5577s-321 to show the sales personnel there, he checked the webe website and my moderm is listed one of the supported device, by the way my moderm bought from Digi, and obviously the sales person didn’t aware that Digi’s one can’t be supported as been told by the Technical staff in Sunway Pyramid branch. Unluckily i did the purchase, of cause it didn’t worked in return. So i made the cancellation, but problem is, i go Pyramid branch to do cancellation and they say the refund u have to call the center, funny part is i been told to do all these in 1 of the webe center but seriously in the end it seems cancellation and refund has to do separately. Well, that is ridiculous when u get people to sign up all process is simple, but to cancel it makes u so difficult. Fine i do the call, after i cancelled my number in Pyramid, of course i will use another number to call the center, but turns out u dont recognized other phone number only recognize webe number that’s still fine, but why no option for choosing ‘0’ to talk to operator? What should i do now? U guys sincerely want to help? Or i help posting complaint to Facebook letting people sees? Please la, we should have done it  in 1 station say the webe center, dont ask us go here and there for different tasks, we just want to cancel, simple. If a center can’t do all these tasks better call it retailler, not Digi or Maxis will have these issue. U dont take action or i will take action asap.

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Re: Refund

Sorry to know that you've experienced such issue. In my opinion the staff at the centre should be able to help.

You can also check in regards the refund request with other channel of webe customer support. However they can only assist you through online platform (webform/live chat). Do contact live chat team.