Resubmit application

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Resubmit application

Hi. I’m actually a Digi user. I sent an application to change to unifi recently. I had gotten my simcard but then I got a msg from Digi saying that my application was unsuccessful. I called digi helpline for clarification and they asked me to call unifi helpline to reaubmit application. I called unifi helpline and your staff asked me to enquire regarding this matter from live chat in which I tried but still was not a big help. Please help me solve this matter. Thank you.


Re: Resubmit application

Hi there @liyanakhalisa ,


To resubmit, you can do that via livechat.

Yes it can be overwhelmed sometimes, lots of people coming in.

But if you got time to spare, then you can follow this link-->


If you cannot access the livechat, click on the Support.