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Switching , dmp number is invalid

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Switching , dmp number is invalid

Hi, I want to switch to unifi from umobile. So, i i follow the steps for switching. Unifi on dmpnumber to 63001. Unfortunately, it says my dmp number is invalid. I checked my email and it says I have time to switch before 3/4/2021 since I forgot to reply to switch it last 2 weeks when they asked for switching confirmation.  So my question:

1. Is dmp number = order number? If not, explain to me what is dmp number.

2. How to switch when the number is invalid it says. Live agent is not helpful, since I have been waiting for so long for them to be available. 

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Re: Switching , dmp number is invalid

Okay, so i am very frustrated. And finally decided to call their customer service at 100. The operator says to download unifi mobile care at Playstore, and chat with live agent there. So install it, and when I want to log in, passworr is invalid. So, I change password, still invalid..haiyaa. 

Then , i clicked again at chat with live agent from my email, and this leads to their website. A pop up comes in and says communicate bal bla bla..I clicked the link to install the app from playstore, and this makes me install myunifi.

After successful registration in myunifi, finally, I can chat with live agent, and switching request can be done. Now, point here:

1. Unifi, please use just one app that works for everything. I have install 3 different app from unifi. First is mobile@unifi. Second is unifi mobile care and last is myunifi. Yhe only one that works for my case is myunifi je. The other two were not working. It likes you guys don't update and sync  the database from each app. 3 apps are very confusing for one usage. Not efficient lah. 

2. Your live agent from website is not working well. I have to wait and tried many times but none comes in. Only when I use myunifi, and ask for live agent there, then, it works.


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Re: Switching , dmp number is invalid

When u just received u sim card u need to wait unifi process(no on the spot key in DMP number,sure Failed come out invalid),

Need wait unifi send u a sms is (Your order XxxxxxxxX "<-- 9 number" has been delivered.Contact us on Live Chat or Online Support Form if you have not received it .) 

After that u can key in ur delivered number (unifi ON XxxxxxX <-- 7 DMP ORDER NUMBER)  

After u send will received sms (Thank you! Glad to know that you've received the SIM card.)

After 1day maybe , process u will received sms (Hi. 601xxxxxxxx switch over request has been approved by "Telco".Just insert your ned SIM card when your existing network is terminated.)  

(Thanks you for being an AWESOME member! Switch on 4G setting to enjoy FREE 10GB LTE hotspot on your favourite mobile device.)


Done Process, Hope this post will help u all Smiley Happy 

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Re: Switching , dmp number is invalid

Very helpful
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Re: Switching , dmp number is invalid

In my case, received the bebas sim card by courier within 3 days of application. But switching status is still processing in the myunifi mobile app, it has been like that for days. Sms the order number to unifi brings no response. There is still no sms confirmation from my existing service provider [Celcom]  to terminate their service.