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Unifi Mobile No Network

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Unifi Mobile No Network

Dapat call dr wakil agent promote unifi mobile to existing customer. Suka dgn offer & harga yg di tawarkn berbanding telco sekarang. Fine after 20 years with celcom saya tukar. 

Received courier with simkad, and follow la all steps. Semlm dh dpt final sms celcom no longer can use, then insert la new simkad .

Surprisingly dr 23hb sampai 2 pagi 25 September simkad dh insert tp NO NETWORK!!!!! 

Saya tak silap step or apa2 pon. All in order. Then siang td siap walkin ke TM Point Menara TM, sbb stress sgt apsl no network. Staff sana try tukar simkad also facing same issue like mine! They also cannot help only submit & lodge report. Received follow up call tnya dh blh ke? NO still same.

EH UNIFI MOBILE, U ADA MASALAH WITHIN 5 -8 HOURS i understnd . But INI DH 48 JAM!!! NOT EVEN HNTR SMS TELL CUSTOMER ALERT KE OR EMAIL KE ADA PROBLEM. Ehhh i menyesal la tukar dr celcom n choose unifi mobile!! DH LA NK BERCKP DGN MANUSIA PON PAYAH! Walkin tmpoint also NO POINT. 

DONT BRAG OR SELL UR PRODUCT LA if LOUSY mcm ni services korang.