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Unifi Mobile care Apk

Contributing Citizen ✪

Unifi Mobile care Apk

hi your unifi mobile care Apk is not functioning as usual.  It keeps showing a pop up stating that it is under service and would resume back on the 22 Sept 2021.

It is already the 27 Sept 2021 today.


I would like upgrade my postpaid plan. 

Get an agent or staff to contact me.



Re: Unifi Mobile care Apk

Hi @Reuben1 ,


Can you please hold that thought, at least until the problem go away? Right now there are lot of problems with unifi Mobile and the system itself.

Contributing Citizen ✪

Re: Unifi Mobile care Apk


I would like to know if there is a possible solution to upgrade my unifi mobile plan.

Unifi Mobile care apk (by webe) also no longer functions and same goes to its live chat agent.

Alternatively the myunifi apk works but i'm not able to see any upgrade plan options.

I had walk-in to the TM-Point but they too seem not to be able to assist.

Is there a way that i could contact the unifi mobile team to upgrade my plan.

This upgrade option should be available and offered as part of the Unifi mobile service.

Or give me a date when could this option become available.