Webe to unifi

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Webe to unifi

Can I know more information about this transfer?

1)Is my data and hotspot going to be limited now? 


2) Do I need to get another simcard for my postpaid & sub-lines?


3)How are my charges going to be different?

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Re: Webe to unifi

1 & 2: Best to check with the customer support. Contact live chat.

3: Well..webe plan u'll receive bill monthly. unifi mobile no bill. but you bebas to reload and choose any add-on that suits you. More info here https://communal.unifi.com.my/t5/plan/What-is-unifi-mobile-Bebas/ta-p/9250 or https://unifi.com.my/mobile/faq.html

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Re: Webe to unifi

As far as I know on the Hotspot, it will continue on until further notice. However for a few of your question, found some interesting information from their site:


I'm an existing mobile postpaid customer, can I change to this new unifi mobile #BEBAS

The existing mobile postpaid offerings with the never-ending data, call and SMS is now part of unifi mobile for its existing subscribers. While this postpaid plan comes to an end, we are launching a new product that liberates Malaysians with its value propositions, be #BEBAS with the all new unifi mobile.

We encourage you to maintain your existing unlimited never-ending data offered by our unifi mobile postpaid plan whilst subscribing to a new account via this new mobile@unifi app.

What will happen to my existing mobile postpaid plan?

The mobile postpaid plan for existing customers will remain the same.


For more information, you might want to check here: https://unifi.com.my/mobile/faq.html

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