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Why is Unifi service going backwards?

Contributing Citizen ✪

Why is Unifi service going backwards?

I signed up Webe services where I purchase everything online. I purchase the simcard, and mobile broadband and paid for it online. It gets delivered to my office the next day. I can even change my package online.


But now, after Unifi joined in, everything needs to be done at TMPoint. Why? It is ridiculous that the company offers something from online to offline, you can only register online but still have to physically go to TMPoint. You are not going forward, but insist to go backwards to becoming inefficient again. It is so inconvenient.


Why? When will you be more online and think about convenience instead?

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Re: Why is Unifi service going backwards?

I not sure what sort of everything needs to be done at TMPoint that you're referring to. If it's account related and billing enquiries you can actually chat with the livechat team from the selfcare website or even from your mobile app. However, things like a request for new SIM card replacement for an example, if you opt to pick up the SIM card physically, then yes you will then have to go to nearest TMpoint and get it done.