can not send SMS

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can not send SMS

some how you can not send SMS, I know,.... who send SMS anyway these day. but you might wanted to send one to your friend which has lost his phone and is using a 3310 phone. well, I know exactly what you need to check,


if you are using android, follow these steps:


1. go to messaging.

2. get the messaging setting.

3. depends on your model, try to search for SMSC number. some will be in advance setting.

4. check if your SMSC number is configured correctly. 

5. the SMSC number should be +601110499999


"can u speak english?"

well, you can always read this to understand more on how to set the SMSC number on android click this for more detail steps


I have allergic with androids, I only can touch apple products.

OK princess, then follow these steps,

  1. Enter *#5005*7672#
  2. Press Call
  3. You will then see:
    • Settings interrogation succeeded
    • Service center address
    • The current SMSC number will then show
  4. To change the Message Center Number:  
    • Enter **5005*7672*+601110499999# (for webe)
    • Press Call
      You will get the same message but if you then check again you will find the new number
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Re: can not send SMS

Awesomeness!! Thanks for the tips!!

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Re: can not send SMS

i already followed what you explain,but still can't to solve?
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Re: can not send SMS

Are there any error message shown when you try to send your SMS?